Wilmington, NC

The Band


Neal Purser
Drums & Vocals

Neal began driving his parents nuts at an early age by banging on anything in the house that would make a noise.  Like many others, the Beatles' influence came by way of the Ed Sullivan show, and from that point it was game on.

Originally from Garner, NC, he played at every opportunity regardless of the musical genre.  After some success in bands such as “Plateau” and “Tightrope”, he relocated to the Wilmington area in the early ‘90’s.  Shortly after finishing up the original rock project “Soul Angel”, Purser received a call from bassist Rodney Bradshaw explaining that his band “Bald Fury" was losing their drummer.  After much consideration Purser became the band's new drummer.

Purser says, “Much has changed since coming on board, but I have to say that this line up is the real deal.  I still get jazzed before each show because of these guys.  It just makes me smile.  How cool is that?”          


Joe Kayser

Guitar & Vocals


Joe started fooling around with his Aunt’s guitar at the age of eight.  He was exposed to the music scene early on in New Jersey, as his parents were personal friends of Bill Haley and the Comets.  So for quite a few shows he could be found backstage at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City.

Joe went from one garage band to another throughout high school, playing the occasional pool parties and talent shows.  Once he came of age to get into the clubs, he played in several successful projects working the club circuit from the mid-seventies through the eighties.

After relocating to North Carolina in 1989, things remained quiet for some time while Joe acclimated to new surroundings, enjoying his family and making new friends.

Influenced over the years by great players like Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Alex Lifeson, David Gilmour, and of course all those too numerous the mention.  Joe has developed a style and passion for playing live, and became a member of the The Fury in early 2011.  The rest as they say, “is history.”


Tracy McMullan

Lead Vocals

Tracy has been in the entertainment industry most of her life.  Her journey has been rich in stage, film and band performance.  Add all this experience to Tracy’s passion to entertain and inspire, and she’s got what it takes to recreate the raw energy necessary to celebrate the great songs that always move everyone and make everyone want to move!!!  A recent transplant from the DC metro area, Tracy has enjoyed long runs in regional theatres, including performances at famous venues like Ford’s Theatre and Kennedy Center.  She’s been featured in the films “Stingrays” (2015), “Under the Table” (2014) and “Better Living through Chemistry” (2014) with Sam Rockwell, Michelle Monaghan, Ken Howard, Ray Liotta and Olivia Wilde.  For more, visit http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5197247.

Kerry Craig

 Lead Vocals

As a child, Kerry always knew he wanted to sing and that music would be the driving force in his life.  He spent many hours in front of a radio singing along to all kinds of music, dreaming of being in his own band one day.  He was singing backup and playing rhythm guitar by his sophomore year in high school, and when the lead singer failed to show up for their first public gig, Kerry stepped up and fronted the band for the first time.  From then on, he was hooked.

Shortly after, Kerry started writing songs and formed his first all-original band.  Right away, St. Louis radio station KSHE took notice and his songs began receiving airplay.  “I'll never forget the awesome feeling of hearing my songs on the radio for the first time… what a total rush!”  Since then, countless studio projects and live shows have kept him busy, sharing stages with rock legends like Pat Travers, Robin Tower, and Enuff Z’nuff, as well as regional favorites, Blackfoot, Doc Holiday, Nantucket, and Molly Hatchet.

In 1990 Kerry moved to Charlotte to join the band Gypsie, and five months later their CD No Pity City was released.  Despite great reviews however, the band broke up before reaching its full potential.  Somewhat let down by the breakup of Gypsie, Kerry decided to concentrate on his solo career, traveling and performing throughout the Midwest and east coast, placing first in many vocal contests and becoming highly sought after as a professional studio vocalist.  He even spent some time in Nashville exploring country music, working with renowned country artists such as Tim McGraw and Brian White, but eventually deciding that country just wasn't his thing.  “I enjoy all kinds of music, but rock and roll is where my heart is and will always be.”

After deciding to make Wilmington his home, Kerry made the move in December of 2012.  “I really love it here and feel I've found the place I’ll call home for the rest of my life.  The people here are awesome and I'm looking forward to bringing lots of KICKASS Rock and Roll to the area with my newfound friends and band mates.  These folks are the real deal and I don't feel as if they're just band members… they're family.”

“Now I have just one question to ask… are you ready to ROCK?!?”

Rick Lawson

Keyboards & Vocals

Rick began classical piano training at 6, and kept this up for ten years.  All that music theory began to make sense when he started picking out songs by ear around age 12 to achieve faithful recreation of the radio and album tracks to which he was being exposed.  By age 17, the never-ending process of assembling a keyboard rig had begun.

Countless musicians and clubs later, Rick met Mike Edwards in Fayetteville at age 22.  They proceeded to make lots of great music and friends, most of whom remain the core of their most successful project.  Mike Edwards & The Banned redefined the possibilities of live classic rock reproduction, touring the east coast professionally at a time when they were considered one of the east coast’s premier cover bands.  Rick continues to perform with The Banned to this day, and has arranged some double headers with The Fury.

Rick’s approach to any project’s keyboard parts is simple… use the most expressive and sonically realistic tools available to achieve the most musically powerful and memorable audience experience possible.  He applies this technique across all musical genres, from the orchestration of The Banned’s Floyd, Moody Blues, and Abbey Road medleys, to the layered orchestral and synth power of The Fury’s spirited performances of Journey, Shinedown, Loverboy, REO, and all of their other great material! Influences:  Kansas, Yes, Genesis, ELP, Donald Fagen, Toto, Bill Payne, Peter Gabriel, Gino Vanelli, T. Lavitz, Chick Corea, and David Foster

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